Here at Complete Lifestyle LLC we believe that knowledge is the key to unlocking our full potential, as individuals and as a company. There is a widespread, if seldom talked about, crisis facing men twenty four years of age and older, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to reverse this frightening trend.

In addition to tireless research and development, Complete Lifestyle LLC is continually using the following methods to expand our knowledge base, and in turn, help men everywhere get back what’s being stolen from them:

We’ve gathered this information and present it to you so that you may see for yourself just how far reaching this crisis is and what you can do about it.

The Shocking Truth About Pesticides and Declining Testosterone Levels

An increasing number of reports suggest that chemical and physical agents in the environment, such as pesticides, have contributed to the severity of testosterone loss and infertility, and that this may worsen the effects of pre-existing genetic or medical risk factors.

We studied 225 male partners from consecutively recruited couples, who had their first infertility consultation between 2005 and 2008, in the United States most productive farming region.

A multivariate logistic regression model showed that exposure to pesticides is significantly associated with testosterone concentrations well below the limit for male fertility. All of these effects were greater in men ages 35 and older, however there was still an alarming amount of men affected between the ages of 24-35.

What Price Are We Paying for the Convenience of Plastic?

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic. They are classified as environmental toxins, which exert an extremely negative influence on the body’s hormonal balance and reproductive function, by acting as “false messengers”. When a chemical substance enters a human body it behaves like a toxic form of the hormone estrogen. Classified as xenoestrogens, they create detrimental estrogenic effects to the body, lowering testosterone levels, restricting blood flow, and preventing men from achieving an erection. In laymen’s terms plastic is causing your penis to shrink over time, eventually rendering it useless.

Food Additives and Hormones

There is a huge debate raging in the United States right now. It involves food additives that are unsafe to men and women alike. Farmers and huge agricultural corporations have been caught adding hormones to their animals to increase their profitability.

However, this has caused a lot of health issues for consumers – especially men. In particular, hormones added to meats and poultries inhibit testosterone production while encouraging the production of the female hormone estrogen. Elevated levels of estrogen in men cause them to take on more feminine characteristics, such as enlarged breasts. Other side effects include loss of muscle tone, a decrease in body hair, shrinking testes, depression, fatigue, lower energy levels, poor memory, low stress tolerance, and most importantly, erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone Replacement Treatment (TRT): The Dangerous Truth

Recent studies suggest a link between testosterone therapy and an increased risk in erectile dysfunction.

For example, a 2014 study reported that testosterone therapy might increase the chances of erectile dysfunction in men age 35 and older, as well as in younger men. A 2013 study found a higher frequency of erectile dysfunction in men who had seasonal allergies and received testosterone therapy. Also, a 2010 trial of testosterone in older men was stopped early because the men receiving testosterone therapy had a higher frequency of heart problems than did the men receiving the placebo.

Testosterone therapy carries various other risks, including enlarging breasts, limiting sperm production, and blood clots forming in the veins.

Why Achieving Full Capacity Erections is Vital to a Healthy Sex Life

As we’ve learned through evolution, once the body no longer requires a function, it will eliminate it. This is what happens to women during menopause, the body determines that they are no longer required to reproduce.

The same thing happens with your penis if you do not achieve full capacity erections. Once you begin to only have semi-erections, your body will take note and it will assume that you do not require the full length of your penis. The brain will purposely hold back blood flow when you are aroused making it more and more difficult to get, and stay, fully erect. This frightening trend will continue until your penis becomes shriveled and useless. Unless you reprogram your brain and body by using natural, powerful ingredients, like Libido Booster Extreme, you will permanently lose the function of your penis.